Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fumiyo Yoshikawa Exhibit from Nov.5th 2012-Feb.3rd 2013

The Art of  
Fumiyo Yoshikawa
A Place Where Memories and Thoughts are Shared
Berkeley Public Library
First Floor Catalog Lobby
2090 Kittredge Street, Berkeley, CA94704
November 5th, 2012 – February 3rd, 2013
Artist’s Reception
Sunday, November11th from 2PM to 4PM

Artist Statement
A Place Where Memories and Thoughts are Shared

My art work is based on traditional Japanese art methods, such as sumi-e and nihonga.  Sumi-e is a unique form of Asian art that has produced some of the world’s finest masterpieces of ink painting. Originating in China and having its spiritual basis in Zen Buddhism, this form of expressing nature’s colors through shades of black ink monochrome has been popular in China, Korea and Japan for many centuries.  Nihonga literally means Japanese painting.  In the narrowest definition, nihonga is a particular painting style that utilizes Japanese pigments and binder with traditional tools and technique. I value the labor intensive procedures required by Nihonga because the manual labor itself serves as a meditation and enables me to concentrate on my paintings.

By combining both abstract and figurative paintings my aim is to create a realm in which everyone’s memories and thoughts are shared, exchanged, connected and sometimes combined, as they are in a library.  My figurative paintings stimulate memories or the subconscious; the abstract paintings symbolically express thoughts or philosophies that are mixed together and shared.  Some of the shapes of my abstract paintings are inspired by images of human brains or neurons.  Both types of paintings are related and support each other to give form to this special place.  
I am happy to be able to exhibit my world of art in the Berkeley Public Library.  In books there is a certain sensation, not found in the Internet, strongly related to my art, which values man-made works.

Fumiyo Yoshikawa