Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skin Deep

One of Fumiyo's work will be a part of the following exhibition.

Place: The Art Center/ Western Colorado Center for the Arts
1803 N. 7th Street Grand Junction, CO 81501 970-243-7337

Date: February 25 - March 13

Exhibition Title: Skin Deep

Synopsis: Revisiting and Redefining Portraiture & Figurative Works
highlighting works from the permanent collection of the Art Center plus 9 invited artists

“Skin Deep” was conceived in one day while contemplating how the figure and portrait can be used to convey meaning outside the academic drawing room. The choices were made by looking at artists taking radical material shifts or using the figure as a form of communication. The permanent collection of The Art Center was the first to be mined for varied ways in which artists use the face or the body, and then there was the decision of what or who is not being represented.

As always The Art Center tries to build on the past and look to the future with diverse age groups, cultural and economic backgrounds that draw genres of representing that go beyond taste. Ideas of classical representation, abstraction, pop culture, folklore, family and religious iconography are all present in an exhibit that only shows a snapshot of the amazing ideas of the valley’s figurative preoccupation.

Artist’s work selected from the permanent collection are T R. Braithwaite, Cecilia Cardman, Karl Nicholason, Mark Miltz, Camille Silverman and Fumiyo Yoshikawa. Invited artists work are Gayle Gerson, Sharyn Carter, Jessica Fisk, Charles Hardy, Don Hartman, Karly Koster, Bev Lee, Luis Lopez, and Terry Shepherd.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Fumiyo Yoshikawa, 1998, "Color of Heart 1" 35"x35" Nihonga pigments, sumi ink on paper.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!