Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Albany Public Library Show Case in May 2018

The Art of Sumi-e/ Japanese Brush Painting

by Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Sakura Saku / Cherry Blossoms Bloom…..2018,   sumi-ink, gansai colors on shikishi
Sakura 1…..2018, sumi-ink, gansai colors on tanzaku
Sakura 2…..2018, sumi-ink, gansai colors on tanzaku
Sakura 3…..2018, sumi-ink, gansai colors on tanzaku
Ichigo Ichie/ Every Encounter is Only Once in Lifetime….2017, sumi-ink  calligraphy on shikishi
by Fumiyo Yoshikawa

My Little Dog…..2017,   sumi-ink, gansai colors on gasen paper
Sumi-e by Fumiyo Yoshikawa
Scroll designed and mounted by Liza Darby
Calligraphy on Scroll by J. C. Brown from a poem by Gertrude Stein

Inquiry about art work and/or
 Japanese Brush Painting/Sumi-e class at Albany Community Center

Albany Library, CA
Address1247 Marin Ave, Albany, CA 94706


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